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Athletics Forms

 Physical Form 

Athletic Paperwork Online Instructions

  1. Go to from a computer. If you are using a smartphone, you must go to
  2. Click on “ATS Athlete Portal”
  3. If you have ever played a sport from 7-11 grade for Pampa:
    • Your Athlete ID will be your school ID number.
    • Your password is: password
    • The database is: atspampaisd
  4. If you are a 6th grader going into the 7th grade:
    • Your Athlete ID and password are both: new
    • The database is: atspampaisd
  5. Click on Athlete Information.
    • If you already have an account, please make sure that all the information is correct under both General and Insurance. Also, make sure that there are emergency contacts with their correct phone numbers under Contacts. You can also change your password at this time.
    • If you created an account, please enter all the information under General, Insurance, and Contacts is filled out. You can change your ID/password at this time
  6. After you have completed the first three tabs, click on the Forms tab.
    • You will go to the Form Name drop down.
    • Click on a 20-21 form and click New.
    • Here will you enter the information needed/signatures needed.
    • Click “Sign” in each box and type the signee’s name. Then click “Save”.
    • If you missed something, it will not save and it will tell you what you need to add.
    • Once the form is complete, save the form and repeat for all the other forms.There will be 8 total forms.
  7. If you have any questions, contact Coach Salas at Do NOT contact anyone else from the school or ATS. They will direct your calls to Coach Salas.
  8. All forms are required every year.
  9. All incoming 7th graders and anyone new to athletics or high school marching band must get a physical. Anyone that got a significant injury/illness or answers certain questions on the medical history will also need to get a new physical.(Those questions are marked on the medical history.)If you have any questions on whether you need a physical or not, you can contact Coach Salas.
  10. Pampa Medical Group is offering physicals for $25 this summer. You must call to make an appointment at 806-665-0801.